#BeAware Podcast: Behavior Analysis and It’s Role in the Traffic Safety Family

In recent years, the focus within the traffic safety community has expanded to now incorporate the examination and analysis of driver behavior. One major reason for this shift is because of the ever growing problem of distracted driving. We here at the Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center wanted to take the time to explain not only the … More #BeAware Podcast: Behavior Analysis and It’s Role in the Traffic Safety Family

Seat Belt Safety in September

We have come a long way in terms of motor vehicle safety since 1771, the year of the first recorded automobile crash. In addition to safety belts, car manufacturers have equipped their vehicles with numerous safety features to keep drivers safe. The major difference between safety belts and all the other safety features is that drivers have to actually use the safety belts in order for them to be effective. This is the point where behavioral analysis and intervention is useful. … More Seat Belt Safety in September

Buzzed, tipsy, drunk, what’s the difference?!

Summer time is in full swing!!! The time of year when sweaters and snow boots are traded for bathing suits and flip flops, grills everywhere are slow roasting delicious barbecue and the beach becomes your second home. Unfortunately, this is also one time of year when driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is most prevalent. So the question becomes, how can we make conscientious choices about drinking, legal/prescription drug use and driving? The first step is being informed about what you are taking, how much and how it will affect you and any other substances you may have in your system. The second is trying to better understand what motivates people to drive while intoxicated or impaired so we can better protect ourselves. … More Buzzed, tipsy, drunk, what’s the difference?!