Environmental Influences on Behavior

As a behavior analyst, it is my job to study human behavior. Using empirical-based evidence (i.e. verifiable research), I search for observable patterns in behavior and try to define them. Part of that includes understanding everything in a person’s environment that can influence his or her behavior. … More Environmental Influences on Behavior


Vulnerable Road Users: Bicyclists

In a previous post, I discussed some traffic psychology-related issues that may contribute to the risk pedestrians face while interacting with motor vehicles (read more here). Although similar in terms of vulnerability in the traffic environment, bicyclists and pedestrians are two very distinct groups and should be treated as such in terms of educational outreach, … More Vulnerable Road Users: Bicyclists

Coming Soon: UConn Traffic Safety Driving Simulator!

The Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center (CTSRC) is in the process of obtaining a fully loaded, traffic safety driving simulator! The advanced driving simulator, a full-size, four-door sedan, will have no engine and will be almost fully encircled by three large projection screens, similar to Images 1 and 2 below. Various driving scenarios and environments … More Coming Soon: UConn Traffic Safety Driving Simulator!

2017 Northeast Transportation Safety Conference

Don’t Miss It – Sign Up Today! This is an incredible opportunity to hear from national and regional experts on what is impacting transportation safety. Join us to learn about the exceptional work being done in our region to address these issues and to share your insights and challenges. Visit the 2017 Northeast Transportation Safety Conference … More 2017 Northeast Transportation Safety Conference