Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center 2016 Annual Report

A Word From Our Director If there was a common theme for 2016 it would be GROWTH. This year, the CTSRC saw dramatic growth in funding, projects, staffing and data. The center kicked off two major grants with the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT). The first grant was to assist the CT DOT in … More Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center 2016 Annual Report

Autonomous Vehicles: The Overview

Intelligent vehicle technologies can cover a wide range of features within a motor vehicle. As the wave of technology continues to swell, the world must prepare for what is next on the horizon: fully driverless vehicles. Within those three words lies not only the capacity for great things but also the even greater fear of the unknown. Many questions have surrounded any discussions of autonomous vehicles and many questions still remain. I suppose the first and most obvious question being, what exactly is an autonomous vehicle? I myself realized just how little information I had on the subject. So I decided to investigate and here’s what I found out… … More Autonomous Vehicles: The Overview

Mature Drivers

The United States driving population is steadily aging, with reports estimating that there will be approximately 38 million drivers older than age 70 on roads in the U.S. by the year 2020 (5). Mature driver involvement in fatal crashes is projected to increase 155% by 2030, accounting for over half (54%) of the total projected … More Mature Drivers

Slow Your Roll for Non-Motorists!

Since 2015, at least 151 pedestrians in Connecticut have been killed in collisions with motor vehicles* (CTCDR, 2017). This equates to nearly one death a week during this time period. Pedestrians, also known as non-motorists, are a unique and particularly vulnerable population. Non-motorists, for all intents and purposes, are a minority group in transportation. Some argue the reason … More Slow Your Roll for Non-Motorists!