Mature Drivers

The United States driving population is steadily aging, with reports estimating that there will be approximately 38 million drivers older than age 70 on roads in the U.S. by the year 2020 (5). Mature driver involvement in fatal crashes is projected to increase 155% by 2030, accounting for over half (54%) of the total projected … More Mature Drivers

Slow Your Roll for Non-Motorists!

Since 2014, at least 140 pedestrians and bicyclists in Connecticut have been killed in collisions with motor vehicles* (CTCDR, 2016). This equates to at least one death a week during this time period. Pedestrians and bicyclists, also known as non-motorists, are a unique and particularly vulnerable population. Non-motorists, for all intents and purposes, are a minority group in transportation. Nevertheless, motorists and non-motorists do share the roadway and it is important to figure out how these two populations can coexist safely in the transportation environment. … More Slow Your Roll for Non-Motorists!