Environmental Influences on Behavior

As a behavior analyst, it is my job to study human behavior. Using empirical-based evidence (i.e. verifiable research), I search for observable patterns in behavior and try to define them. Part of that includes understanding everything in a person’s environment that can influence his or her behavior. … More Environmental Influences on Behavior


Vulnerable Road Users: Bicyclists

In a previous post, I discussed some traffic psychology-related issues that may contribute to the risk pedestrians face while interacting with motor vehicles (read more here). Although similar in terms of vulnerability in the traffic environment, bicyclists and pedestrians are two very distinct groups and should be treated as such in terms of educational outreach, … More Vulnerable Road Users: Bicyclists

Slow Your Roll for Non-Motorists!

Since 2015, at least 151 pedestrians in Connecticut have been killed in collisions with motor vehicles* (CTCDR, 2017). This equates to nearly one death a week during this time period. Pedestrians, also known as non-motorists, are a unique and particularly vulnerable population. Non-motorists, for all intents and purposes, are a minority group in transportation. Some argue the reason … More Slow Your Roll for Non-Motorists!

Buzzed, tipsy, drunk, what’s the difference?!

Summer time is in full swing!!! The time of year when sweaters and snow boots are traded for bathing suits and flip flops, grills everywhere are slow roasting delicious barbecue and the beach becomes your second home. Unfortunately, this is also one time of year when driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is most prevalent. So the question becomes, how can we make conscientious choices about drinking, legal/prescription drug use and driving? The first step is being informed about what you are taking, how much and how it will affect you and any other substances you may have in your system. The second is trying to better understand what motivates people to drive while intoxicated or impaired so we can better protect ourselves. … More Buzzed, tipsy, drunk, what’s the difference?!